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Massive impact of digital marketing on consumer behaviour

Massive Impact of Digital Marketing on Consumer Behaviour

Due to the ease of access to the internet, consumers are more inquisitive and want to do extensive research before making any online purchases. Since practically every brand marketing its goods and services online, it is now simple for customers to do their homework, evaluate options, try things out, and then decide which product is suitable for them to purchase. The information customers obtain online has a significant impact on their decision, so it is essential that brands have a strong online presence.

Digitization has undoubtedly pushed marketers all around the world to change the way they approach marketing. Not only that, also how the evolution of digital marketing impacted consumers behaviour and their making decisions.  

This post will assist in quantifying these alterations in consumer behaviour, understanding the significance of current consumer trends, and developing more effective online marketing plans. Let’s get started.  

What  is it Consumer Behaviour ?

Consumer behaviour primarily refers to the buying habits and decision- making processes of consumers. These are individuals that are searching for products and services for their own use.

Businesses around the globe gives importance to the Information about consumer behaviour. This is as a result of their ongoing efforts to improve both the shopping experience and ultimately their sales numbers.

Businesses can comprehend consumer expectations in the market by studying consumer behaviour. Additionally, it enables them to make adjustments that will enable customers to make wiser purchasing choices.

Information on what customers buy, where they buy it, and when they buy it is included in the study. Additionally, it displays details about their intentions, purchasing patterns, and other things.

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The impact of digital marketing on consumer behaviour

Below are the point that talks about why there is a sudden shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing and how eventually digital marketing has impacted consumers behaviour.

Research and experimentation  skills

When it comes to researching potential purchases, modern consumers have gotten incredibly good. They are becoming more intelligent and aware as technology gives them the ability to approach online decision-making critically.

As businesses attempt to promote their goods online, they are exposed to a vast amount of content. Consumers are now able to explore and compare products online before deciding what to buy, which has made the purchasing process easier for them.

They have been able to test out various brands and draw conclusions thanks to the amount of information available online. The same technology that has greatly empowered people has also allowed them to be influenced by brands in their shopping decisions.

Customers may now take advantage of the transparent relationship that brands are willing to have with them thanks to digital marketing, which also helps them understand certain services and goods better.

Increased importance of (digital) Word-of-Mouth marketing

The practice of word-of-mouth is not new. Both brands and customers utilize it to facilitate business. Definitely the most important factor influencing consumer behaviour is word-of-mouth.

Consumers are constantly looking for what other people say about a brand, product or service. This is particularly for a product they are thinking about buying. When a customer tells their network about their experience, it means a lot to brands.

Technology has given consumers the ability to project their opinions on a huge audience, particularly social media. For instance, customer reviews posted on brand pages, comments on sponsored posts, and blogger reviews have all assisted consumers in broadening their perspectives on consumerism. 

With the advent of technology, especially social media, consumers now have the power of projecting their opinion on a large audience. For instance, reviews from bloggers, comments on a sponsored post, customer reviews left on brand pages, have all helped people widen their approach to consumerism. 

This has also helped companies in keeping up their online presence. Any brand’s sales figures can be considerably impacted by word-of-mouth. It would be safe to say that digital marketing has put consumers in the driving seat. By the impact that digital marketing will make on consumers behaviour, it will be interesting to see how consumerism will look in the future. 

Inconsistent Customer Loyalty

Digital marketing has, however, also made it exceedingly challenging for customers to remain brand loyal. Prior to the digital marketing revolution, customers always had a favourite brand. They often opted to stick with familiar brands and products.

This was because, unlike today, people were not exposed to a wide variety of products and services.  Customers these days are looking for goods that offer them more value for the same price.

Not only that, but they also take into account things like customer support, brand value, discounts, and more. Customers now have options as more brands launch improved features and offers. When deciding to switch from their preferred brands to entirely new ones, they exhibit less hesitancy.

We can conclude that digital marketing did not alter consumer behaviour in terms of client loyalty. It was simply highlighted. Due to increase brand competition, clients are now receiving better services at lower prices.

Enhancement of Customer Engagement

Customers have always desired to be a part of something greater or bigger. They don’t pass up the opportunity to interact with their preferred brand.

Thanks to the internet and mobile technology’s continued uptake,client interaction has significantly increased.

Anyone with an internet connection can access social networking sites. As a result, consumers are actively interacting with their brands on social media platforms and online discussion forums. Customers have always had the ability to choose their brands and shape their reputations, but digital marketing has only increased this power.

On social media, search engines, and other review websites, consumers can interact with brands. Now they can share their opinions to their brands instantaneously. Rapid feedback responses from the brands will ultimately result in more engagement and increased sales and thus this steers the decision making process and digital marketing influence consumer behaviour in a positive way.


Impulsive Purchasing Practices

The impulse buying phenomenon has been successfully increased by digital marketing. In essence, an impulse  purchase choice is one that is made just before making the actual purchase. In other words, impulsive buying refers to a decision made on the spur of the moment rather than in advance, when typically buyers pre-plan their purchases and pre-select the goods they desire to buy.

Digital marketers make use of this widespread phenomenon to influence consumer behaviour in a favourable way. Brands showcasing enticing deals, discounts, and offers through online advertising, which shoppers are eager to explore.

Brands frequently advertise their featured deals on third-party websites and social media platforms, which influences consumer behaviour.

Less  Patience, Greater Expectations

With technology, consumers’ expectations for quick, efficient service have doubled, which has resulted in a noticeable increase in their impatience. They are exposed to sentimental & real feedback about products & services through online forums and user reviews.

Services and facilities that fall short are unacceptable. Customers anticipate quick responses from brands to their questions. When consumers don’t get what was promised, they publicly voice their disappointment, which has a detrimental effect on a brand’s online reputation.

They receive abundance of information through digital marketing, which has a significant impact on their purchase behaviour. The expectations of customers throughout the world are gradually rising as a result of services like hassle-free exchanges and next-day delivery.

Almost all brands aim to offer common features and services. But ultimately, the competition is won by the brand that continues to offer greater value.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Consumers are now accustomed to a customized purchasing experience because to digital marketing . These days a consumer don’t want to take a lot of time to study and then purchase their desired product.

Because of this shift in consumer behaviour, brands have adapted their online marketing and branding strategies to give every customer a customized experience through the curation of individualized content.

The entire buying experience is thus customized to meet the demands of each individual website visitor and thus this is one of the vital reason of digital marketing impacting consumer behaviour.

Before wrapping up, let’s talk a little about how can digital marketing benefit consumers and it what ways

1.  It keeps consumers update.

2. Offers convenience & quick service

3. Build a better relationship

4. Provides 24/7 access

5. Creates a personalized experience

6. Provides audience with options

7. Allows for comparison shopping

8. Provide quality content

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Wrapping  Up

We’ve discussed a few of the numerous ways that in what ways digital marketing has altered the views of consumers while looking into how digital marketing has impacted consumers behaviour and also influenced their purchasing process.  

Customers will have more control over their buying experience as new technologies emerge. However, businesses may influence their potential clients’ purchasing behaviours thanks to the same incessant advancement of technology. It will be fascinating to see how digital marketing will influence how people will shop in the future.

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